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Furosemide (Lasix) | NCLEX

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In this lecture Professor Kristin Beach, MSN, BSN, RN will be presenting on Furosemide, also known as Lasix! We will be talking about the overall class of loop diuretics along with their mechanism of action, indications, and how this medication is administered. We hope you enjoy this lecture and be sure to support us below!

Table of Contents:
0:00 Lab
0:08 Furosemide Introduction
1:14 Indications
3:26 MOA
4:13 Nephron
9:08 Side Effects
13:05 Nursing Interventions
18:12 Outro: As Always, Until Next Time
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Ronak Panchal : Are you guys thinking about coming out with a pharmacology series? MUCH APPRECIATED IF YOU DO
Usman Dhange : plz this section of top 100 meds is ganna be the most awaited series for me !!! plz continue making these ! ive been watching these guys since my 1st year and now im in my appearing finals ! really blesses to have you guys !!! love from India !!!
Diego Cano : Is this top 100 medications videos a new play list in the making? Or is it already a thing? I love your channel so much, thank you for what you do ninja nerd team
Breakfast Berrito : wow love these nursing spinoffs. best channel for these topics hands down
Erica : Very well explained video indeed! I appreciate your hard work Ninja nerd team:) You guys are making my life much easier Legend!!

FUROSEMIDE (Lasix) | Medication for Fluid Retention & High Blood Pressure | What You Need to Know

Furosemide, AKA Lasix, helps treat high blood pressure, heart failure and oedema. This video will break down all the important questions you may have about this medication. In this video, Dr Hart-Pinto answers the most common questions on Furosemide (LASIX) including:

• How and when should you take your Furosemide
• How long does it take for the medication to work?
• How long will you need to take my medication?
• Are there any side effects?


Furosemide is also known under the following brand names:



#LASIX #Furosemide #Sideeffects


00:00 Intro
00:14 What is Furosemide? ( LASIX )
00:40 Is LASIX / Furosemide safe for me?
01:20 Pregnancy \u0026 Breastfeeding
01:42 What is the correct dose of Furosemide?
02:34 How and when to take Furosemide
03:00 Duration of Treatment
03:13 How long does Furosemide take to work?
03:37 Are there any foods I should avoid?
03:57 Can I Drink Alcohol with this medication?
04:20 I have missed my dose. What should I do?
04:45 I have accidentally taken too much medication.
04:59 Side Effects of Furosemide ( LASIX )
06:33 Legal Disclaimer
06:38 End Screen


Furosemide 20 mg
Furosemide 40 mg
Furosemide 500 mg
Furosemide 20mg/5ml
Furosemide 40mg/5ml
Furosemide 50mg/5ml


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2. Dr Najeebah Jaunbocus MBChB MRCGP


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westfield90 : My dad was diagnosed with CHF 5 months ago when I had to take him to the ER since he couldn’t breathe. They gave him a lasix intravenously and after two hours of filling the urinal multiple times he was fine and he felt absolutely normal. He has not been prescribed lasix. He just takes amilodipine, metoprolol and lisinopril. Now 5 months later he has developed a swollen foot and a little out of breath. We’ve given him lasix 20mg and potassium 20hcq for a day and while his breathlessness has resolved his foot is still quite swollen. Can we give it him lasix 20mg for a few days for the foot to resolve?
Fateh Joe Armstrong : Dr please, What happens to a patient with kidney failure if he takes a insufficient dose (20 mg instead of 125mg) ??
bob boscarato : I was prescribed by my cardiologist Furosemide 20 mg. which I took in the morning; I had to go to the bathroom up to 5 times an hour for up to 8 hours. Worse side effect It affected my hearing and damage can be permanent. I stopped taking it after a few week and never took it again!


What is LASIX. A very popular and frequently prescribed medication. I’ll talk about the use, side effects and interventions when someone is prescribed furosemide (LASIX) Why is Lasix prescribed. What are the medical diagnoses that needs Lasix to treat.
Joanna LaBorde : Thank you for the info.
Katy Brown : Great content
kalyani Baskaran : tamil translate pananum
David Harris : I’m 55 bloated should I take it
Rafath S : Hint for 101 xD




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